Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Forrester on how consumers might pay for online content

No surprise that Forrester finds 80 per cent won't pay for online conent, but interesting results when they ask the other 20 per cent what payment model might work for them.

That throws up a wide range of pereferences

Forrester's blog says the data suggests two things:

  1. Publishers should continue to offer free, ad-supported products to the 80% of consumers who won't pay for content online; and
  2. Publishers should offer consumers a choice of multichannel subscriptions, single-channel subscriptions, and micropayments for premium product access.

Forester concludes: "There's no one delivery platform, and no one pricing model, that will satisfy all consumers. Consumer willingness to pay is so modest — and, in general, we find it tends to over-report in surveys — that publishers need to be extremely flexible to accommodate the needs of these precious customers.

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