Thursday, 27 January 2011

Six free data journalism projects for beginners

This week and next we are posting six projects from MMJ Masterclass 20: Getting started in data journalism.

They'll go live, one a day, and will be available to non-subscribers for 24 hours each. Subscribers get them for free in perpetuity.

To subscribe, buy the book from Amazon, which costs you around £24 in the UK, $45 in the USA, and gives you full access to the book's extensive companion website and makes you a part of the MMJ community.

UK link here:

Here's the run down on the projects:
Project 1: Factual, Excel and Many Eyes, a beginner's guide to finding, sifting and visualising data using these three tools: Free Wednesday only, still here for subscribers:
Project 2: Socrata: An all-in-one data discovery and mapping tool. Posting on Thursday here:
Project 3: Guardian Data, Google Spreadsheets and Mapalist: Posting on Friday here:
Project 4 Tableau, a multi-visualisation data tool for non-programmers. Posting on Saturday
Project 5: Scraperwiki. Posting on Sunday:
Project 6: Plaintext visualisations with Many Eyes, Tableizer and Wordle. Posting Monday here:

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