Thursday, 31 March 2011

Curating the new journalism

The new journalism? Perhaps that sounds a little portentous

After all, some of us haven’t finished with the old one yet

Maybe not, but a perfect storm of change has conspired to pick us up and thrust into a whole new journalistic reality.
The key elements in this revolution are these:
  • The birth of new journalistic forms – key among them curation and live blogging
  • Smartphones that give everyone the ability to broadcast live, multimedia content from anywhere, any time
  • New mobile, geo-location platforms that combine news and community, and root reporting to place
  • World-changing events that can’t be covered adequately by traditional journalists using traditional means of reporting
  • The demand from many – call them citizen journalists or just eye witnesses - to be part of the reporting process
That’s not to say the old journalistic values, the old standards, aren’t just as vital in this new world, but it does mean they are under threat.
So how do traditionally-trained journalists respond?
I can only speak for myself.
I’ve tried to curate all that is going on, and to build a resource bank that looks at all the new developments, all the new software, publishing platforms and bits of kit.
I’ve drawn all that I see going on, and as much wisdom from as many informed sources as I can muster, and tried to build a range of tutorials that present all the new opportunities for journalists, and journalism students, with numerous examples of how the most inspired and adventurous are applying them to their journalism.
I’ve been publishing this stuff over the past few weeks at The final piece is now in place.
So here are some highlights from what I’ve come up with:

New ways of reporting online

The Digital Media Pyramid – adapting the traditional story structure for multimedia:
How to make long-form journalism work online:
Beat blogging:
Applauding pioneers in the new ways of reporting:

Location-based content for local journalism

How to build content platforms on a range of emerging geo-location applications

Building content, and community, around points on the map with Bubbleby:
How to use Foursquare in your journalism:
Use Gowalla to create interactive stories for your readers:
Create geoguides with Gowalla:

Curatorial journalism

What it is, why it's becoming more important, the best platforms to use

The best use of Storify:
The best use of
How curation works on Wikipedia:

Live Blogging and real-time reporting

How to cover major, rolling stories as they happen

Styles of live blog from the BBC, the New York Times, The Guardian and more:
Planning your real-time reporting:
How to report live:
How to live blog:
Live blog publishing platforms:
Issues of balance, attribution and verification:

Need a structured personal learning plan?

If you would like a personalised learning plan to help you develop your skills in any of the areas discussed above or, indeed, in any other aspect of multimedia, mobile journalism, then please get in touch.

My training company, Andy Bull Multimedia, has a wide range of elearning and in-person courses available.
You'll find the full outline of my training offering here:

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