Thursday, 11 August 2011

What the English riots have shown us about how reporting has changed - and a practical guide for journalists on how to adapt

I've tried to cover a good many of the ways in which journalism has changed in various recent MMJ Masterclasses.

In the introduction to Masterclasses 22-25  I used this bullet-pointed list of how reporting been transformed. I said:

"The key elements in this revolution are these:
  • The birth of new journalistic forms – key among them curation and live blogging
  • Smartphones that give everyone the ability to broadcast live, multimedia content from anywhere, any time
  • New mobile, geo-location platforms that combine news and community, and root reporting to place
  • World-changing events that can’t be covered adequately by traditional journalists using traditional means of reporting
  • The demand from many – call them citizen journalists or just eye witnesses - to be part of the reporting process"
The riots in London and other English cities have offered a prime example of how reporting has changed. We've seen all of the above in evidence.

Because all this is so topical,  I'm making a lot of this material available outside the MMJ paywall for a short period.

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