Friday, 12 October 2012

Analytics for journalists; previewing Masterclass 51 at Multimedia Journalism

The latest masterclass at MMJ is about analytics, or the analysis of web traffic
We'll look at how to use analytics tools to chart the effectiveness of your journalism
Analytics show you not only how you have done, but can help you improve what you produce in the future.
If you work for a publisher or broadcaster, analytics tools will be built into the content management system you use. As a journalist, you may or may not have access to those analytics.
Here we'll concentrate on how you can install your own analytics tool on your websites, blogs and apps, and how to use the analytics tools built in to social media networks.
Google Analytics is a powerful free tool, and we'll look here at:
  • How to install Google Analytics
  • How to understand the analytics that Google gives you 
We'll also look at analytics tools for:

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