Thursday, 17 February 2011

Our first e-learning course: iPhone for Journalism... how to become a 100% mobile, multimedia journalist

Your iPhone has the power to transform the way you work, and to greatly enhance your effectiveness as a journalist.
This seven-module e-learning course offers tuition, demonstrations and hands-on exercises in how to file reports, using the full range of multimedia, from your iPhone to the static web and to mobile devices.
We will cover both:
  • the iPhone as a news gathering, editing and transmitting device, and
  • how to establish publishing platforms for the material you create
The modules are:

Module1: Gadgets to make your iPhone reporting more professional
Microphones, lights, brackets, Buetooth keyboards and more. Bits of kit that maximise the iPhone's performance as a journalism tool.
Module 2: Establishing publishing platforms - recording, editing and publishing from the iPhone to your range of publishing platforms
The basics: filing to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
More advanced: establishing a wesbite that acts as both a publishing platform for multimedia content and a distributing hub for your content to social and other platforms. Plus, how to embed all your multimedia content in an existing static website.
Module 3: Creating and filing text
Using the iPhone’s keyboard and the inbuilt Notes software, plus consideration of alternative free and inexpensive software and teh best protable Bluetooth keyboards on the market.
Module 4: Creating and filing audio reports
The range of software compared and tested. Which to use, and how to get the best out of each.
Module 5: Creating and filing still images
How to take, edit and publish stills, picture stories and photo albums. Working with iPhone app software including Flirkr, Photoshop Express and Autostitch panorama creator
Module 6: Broadcasting live video straight from your phone
Broadcasting live to a range of publishing platforms usign the best live video apps on the market.
Module 7: Professional-quality video and audio editing on your iPhone
Using Vericorder 1st Video software to record, edit and publish video and audio packages
Equipment: what you'll need You'll need an iPhone, and a few free or inexpensive apps.We aSO take you through a range of harDware enhancements, but the only one you must have is an inexpensive external microphone.
Who's it for?
Any journalist who wants to use their iPhone to transform the way they work
How the course works
The course is delivered online, through a dedicated website that only students and tutor have access to.
Students can contact the tutor at any time, either publicly on the site through comments, or privately through email. Phone support is also available.
The modules include to a range of projects that students are invited to complete.
The results of these assignments can be submitted to the tutor for assessment. At any point students may contact the tutor for additional guidance, either publicly or privately.
Once you have signed up and your payment has cleared we contact you with course access details.
Costs and signing up
The course is now available at a special introductory price of £95. That's a fraction of the cost of most training, and is only available for a short introductory period.

You can pay securely via PayPal. Don't have a PayPal account? No problem, pay by credit card via Paypal. Click here
Once you've signed up, be sure to email us so we can start your enrolment process.

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