Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Introducing MMJ's FREE Summer School

Things are a little more relaxed at the free MMJ summer school.

From July to September we'll be covering a range of new areas for the social, mobile, multimedia journalist.These won't be big projects, they won't involve a lot of effort to master, but they will be areas where there are new developments worth getting up to speed with.
They're designed to be absorbed easily - I picture you on a beach, up a mountain, or in a bar, just taking a quick half hour on your laptop, mobile or tablet.
And looking for something to prevent your brain turning to mush.
This stuff is free, it won't be paywalled until you've fogotten about it.
All I ask of you in return is this:
If you are an educator, check out the new eductors' area and see if you can't give me some ideas for what you'd like me to do to help you deliver journalism courses.
If you're a journalism student, please get involved in the MMJ project and tell me what more I could be doing to help you.
And if you're a working hack - perhaps drawn here because you'd like to pick up some new skills - then let me know what's useful, less than useful and what more you'd like to see added to the MMJ poject. And maybe take a look at this.

Here's a rough list of what I aim to tackle

When (if) an item goes live then a link will work for it below.
But don't count on it all coming good. After all, my brain's turning to mush too.
  • How’s your social media clout? Comparing Klout, Tweetgrader, Post Rank Analysis, Peer Index and Twitalyzer. Find out more...
  • Behind the Great firewall of China: Weibo for round-eyes
  • Sell yourself: the best online CV/resume tools
  • Google's mobile-site maker compared and contrasted
  • Xtranormal for animation
  • Social media management tools - what's best for you

There'll be other stuff, but if you want to suggest something, feel free to either DM me @andybull or use the comment button to get in touch

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