Friday, 2 September 2011

Getting started in social media: introducing MMJ Masterclass 34

Aims of this masterclass

This is the first of three co-ordinated learning programmes designed to form a comprehensive guide to the use of social media for journalism.

It fits into the first level of tution at MMJ, the one called Getting Started.
As such it sits alongside the other subjects that you'll find at the Getting Started level in the textbook and on this companion website.
It is currently available exclusively on the website, but will be adapted for inclusion in future editions of the MMJ print and ebook.

Here are our learning goals

To demonstrate the importance of social media to the modern practice of journalism
To establish professional presences for yourself and/or the journalism publication or programme you work on with the following social platforms:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Linked In
  • You Tube
To outline best practice in building a professional presence on each of the above.
To demonstrate how to use each platform, as appropriate, to promote you and your journalism.
To underline the importance of building up contacts on these platforms.
To show how to engage with the community you are a part of on them.
To explore how to find and research stories on each platform.
To give guidance on how to publish and/or promote your stories on them.
In addition, to explore the most time-efficient use of social media, using social media dashboards and examining the benefits and drawbacks of sending one post to multiple social platforms.

Social media guidelines for journalists

Most organisatiosn now have social media guidelines, which outline how their journalists should conduct themselves on social media. 
Such concerns inform the tuition here, but no comprehensive policy is given. If you'd like to consider this aspect of social media engagement, here is an outline of the BBC's policy for journalists.

Exercises and projects

The final unit holds series of exercises, designed to enable students to research the use of social media; and projects, designed to enable groups of students - or individuals - to hone their skills as social media journalists.

Further learning programmes

There will be two further masterclasses on social media for journalism, designed to fit the Building Proficiency and Professional Standards levels of MMJ tuition.
These will be designed to enable students to move to increasingly sophisticated and effective levels in the use of social media.
They will also take in additional social media platforms.
They'll be included in forthcoming masterclasses, which are introduced and indexed here.

Next: Module 34B, Why should journalists use social media?

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