Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Why you should register with MMJ

When you register for Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide you get three things:

  • Full access to the website that complements the print / ebook textbook.
  • Unrestricted access to fortnightly masterclasses on the latest developments in social, mobile and multimedia journalism
  • Membership of the MMJ community – a supportive group of journalism students, journalists, educators and leading industry figures

Why do you need all that?
Because to really master multimedia journalism as a discipline you can’t rely solely on a print or ebook.
While the static text is invaluable as a means of understanding the essential, unchanging principles of journalism, you can’t fully grasp elements such as video, audio, and social media from text alone.
So the principles discussed in the book are demonstrated on the website, with illustrations in the appropriate media.

There’s another reason the online access subscribers get is so essential: the world of mobile, social, multimedia journalism is changing fast.

Only on the website can we can make sure things stay bang up to date. And we do, revising content regularly with the latest information, demonstrations and case studies.
And the online masterclasses cover new areas of journalism as they are developing. So you get detailed, practical demonstrations and tuition on the very latest developments.
Non-subscribers are only allowed access to each new masterclass for a few days. Subscribers have unlimited access to this invaluable learning and teaching resource.
So, for example, we covered using Google+ for journalism within days of this new social platform being launched in restricted beta. And offered 150 invitations to join it to MMJ subscribers.
As an MMJ subscriber, you can ask us to cover the areas of journalism that are most important to you. If there’s something you want to see included in the masterclass programme, let us know and we’ll do all we can to include it in the masterclass schedule.
And if you need help, we’re here for you. Contact the author, Andy Bull, via the contact buttons on the site, or @andybull on Twitter.

The benefits of adopting the book for your course

Many educators around the world have adopted the MMJ textbook and companion website as a set text for their journalism courses.
They are core members of the MMJ community, and as such are offered whatever level of support they would appreciate, such as:

  • free consultancy on syllabuses,
  • guest lectures either in person or via Skype, and
  • mentoring for students.

If you’re still undecided about subscribing, feel free to get in touch, via the Contact buttons or @andybull on Twitter, to discuss your requirements.

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