Monday, 5 January 2009

Journalist as brand

Maybe its the recession that is focusing minds - mine and others - on where we go from here.

The belief that things are becoming more granular, with the most enterprising and talented individual journalists establishing themselves as what we might -perhaps reluctantly - call brands, is gaining traction.

Here's an example from Sarah Lacy, from which I pluck this comforting piece of information: "I'm more successful working for myself than I was on staff for just one publication: income, name recognition, opportunities, amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And, while I'm not immune, I'm safer heading into this downturn than in the past because all my income doesn't hinge on one gig. In terms of journalism, it's way more successful. I have the challenge only to find great stories and tell them. And generally any story I love, I've got a platform for it."

But Sarah, who has thought about all this much more deeply than me, also gives a highly realistic assessment of the challenges involved in gaining brand status.

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