Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What local papers offer the newly-qualified journalist

We all know the doom and gloom about local newspapers, and we are right to be aware of it. 

With some papers closing, and the staffs of many others being amalgamated into regional silos, cut off from the communities they are supposed to serve, the local press is not necessarily the most attractive proposition for new journalism graduates.

Indeed, many practising journalists are appalled at the way much of the local press is being managed.
At the Local Heroes conference, organised by Press Gazette and Kingston University, there was a strong mood of anger at the big local newspaper groups with their short-sighted strategy of taking up to 30 per cent out of their businesses in profit. And doing so while paying journalists starting salaries of £12,000.
But should all this put you off starting your career there?
This Masterclass is about the opportunities in local newspaper journalism.
The case for the regional press and, by implication, for forging a career in it, was made with great passion and insight by a veteran newspaperman at the Local Heroes conference.
Sir Ray Tindle’s Tindle Newspapers has 220 titles, with an audited weekly circulation of over 1.4 million and turnover above £50m.
It has bought or launched 12 papers during the recession; three new titles in March 2010.
Sir Ray gave a rousing 30 minute speech that belied his 63 years in the business.
The first part of this Masterclass offers video highlights from that speech.
Full masterclass here
First of six videos here

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