Friday, 15 October 2010

All you need to know to become a 100% mobile, multimedia journalist

The links below are to each key aspect of Masterclass 14 at Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide: iPhone for Journalism
They will go live, one a day, from October 15. They'll each be outside the paywall for 24 hours, after which they will remain available for subscribers to Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide
iPhone for Journalism overview:This is a podcast / slideshow version of a talk I gave this week to journalism students at Kingston University. It's here
Gadgets: how to maximise the performance of the iPhone. It's here
Broadcasting platforms: Where, and how, to publish your multimedia content
Text: Overcoming the shortcomings of the iPhone’s qwerty keyboard
Audio: The best apps reviewed, explained and demonstrated
Stills: The iphone as a stills camera
Video: The best apps for live broadcasting, and recording
Video and audio editing: How to use Vericorder 1st Video, the first professional-standard in-phone editor for creating video packages, audio, and audio slide-shows

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