Sunday, 17 October 2010

Establishing Posterous as your multimedia publishing and broadcasting platform

Where to broadcast to - Establishing publishing platforms

The basics: filing to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Most apps offer you options to file to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. It's dead simple; when you have your material you just press the right button.
That’s fine a lot of the time. But it can be disjointed.
You get bits of coverage, and if you are covering an event with stills, audio, video (some streamed live, some edited) it gets filed all over the place and you can’t create a coherent multimedia report.
So what you need is one place where all your material for a story appears together.
Various platforms allow you to post via email. The main blogging ones, such as Blogger, and other platforms such as Tumblr, do that.
I’ve tried them, and the one I find works best is called Posterous.

Posterous - all your content, in any medium, posted together in one place

I like Posterous because I can file everything to it, whatever the medium, via email.

In one email you can include various media: text and stills; text and video; text, stills and video. What you file appears together in one post.
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