Friday, 22 October 2010

IPhone for Journalism: the full masterclass now online

Our comprehensive guide on how to become a 100 per cent mobile, multimedia journalist is now live for subscribers.

It shows you how, with the addition of a few inexpensive gadgets and apps, you can turn your iPhone into a really professional multimedia tool.

Infact, the phone is really all you need to publish and broadcast text, stills, audio and video.
What you certainly don't need is an office.

The links below take you to the sections of the masterclass at Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide
iPhone for Journalism overview:This is a slideshow version of a talk I gave to journalism students at Kingston University. It's here

Gadgets: how to maximise the performance of the iPhone. It's here

Broadcasting platforms: Where, and how, to publish your multimedia content. It's here

Text: Overcoming the shortcomings of the iPhone’s qwerty keyboard with the help of a Bluetooth one. It's here

Audio: The best apps reviewed, explained and demonstrated.  It's here

Stills: The iPhone as a stills camera. It's here

Video: The best apps for live broadcasting, and recording It's here

Video and audio editing: How to use VeriCorder 1st Video, the first professional-standard in-phone editor for creating video packages, audio, and audio slide-shows. It's here

How to subscribe All you need do is buy the textbook (Amazon has it for £25.05)
With the book comes the code you need to access the full, complementary website.

You get not only an extensive site that fully complements the textbook, with a wealth of multimedia examples of the principles explained in the text, you also get full access to all the masterclasses, in which industry experts explain the latest developments in mobile, multimedia journalism.

Forthcoming masterclasses will cover: A non-coder's guide to creating apps and websites; The secrets of successful data-based journalism; Location-based content for local journalists, and Real-time reporting using social media.


2010 Notre Dame Football said...

Andy - Bought the kindle version of youe book - how to we register for the website?

Andy Bull said...

Hi Len, if you'd likr to give me your email address I'll send you the code to access the full website. I'm at