Wednesday, 20 October 2010

How to take and edit professional-quality stills on the iPhone

You might decide that the phone's own lens is absolutely fine, and it is certainly good enough for snapping mug shots and other straightforward pics to illustrate your text articles or to drop into simple slideshows, or as still frames in your videos.
But you can add a gadget that hugely improves on things, and you'll fidn more on that here:
The iPhone4 has built in flash, so it’s much better for low light conditions that the 3GS, which I have.
Some professional photographers are dismissive of the iPhone, saying it is just not up to the job. However, others enthuse about the phone's pic-tacking capabilities
Here is an example of what a professional photographer can do:

That's a grab from this photography blog:
Fidn out more at 

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