Wednesday, 23 June 2010

How to build your own job

The essentials of entrepreneurialism. Experts and practitioners on how to create your own journalism business

Latest in the Masterclass series at features a week-long series of postings covering a huge, and hugely important area.

With the rise in freelancing, and the great opportunities that new technologies offer us to launch our own titles, we look at proven strategies for creating your own media business.

Experts include Adam Westbrook, the multimedia journalist, lecturer, author and more who epitomises the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Eric Gordon, who bought and revived the Camden New Journal, and 

David Howell, who created his own magazine and is an expert on self-publishing.

One focus is on hyperlocal, and we profile three outfits that offer the prospect of creating a local website/magazine that pays. We also look at how to build a portfolio of money-making activities.
Going live on in instalments between June 26 and July 2

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