Monday, 28 June 2010

What should be taught about entrepreneurialism

J-Schools that teach entrepreneurialism - how to build your own job - are few and far between. In Masterclass 12 of Multimedia journalism: A Practical Guide, we look at those that do, and what we can learn from them.

City University New York is a pioneer.
At Cuny they set out to tackle the fact that journalists didn’t understand their own business by establishing a course in which students must create a business plan for a sustainable (which they define as profitable) journalistic enterprise. Cuny won grants of $100k to give as seed money to the best of the ideas students come up with, as decided by a jury of experts.
Here’s what students learn:
How to create a plan for a sustainable (profitable) journalism business
That plan includes
  • An elevator pitch – how to sell the idea briefly and effectively
  • A needs statement – why does the world need this business?
  • Market research and analysis – deciding who their customers are, and talking to them about the idea
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product plan – what is it?
  • Revenue plan – how’s it going to make money?
  • Distribution/marketing plan – how will people discover it?
  • Operations plan – how will it operate? What will that cost?
  • Launch plan– what are the phases and milestones?
You'll find out much more about entrepreneurialism, building a job, and creating a portfolio career here

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