Friday, 11 June 2010

New video Masterclass: How to go mobile

Here's an introduction to the latest Video Masterclass on Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide.
The full course is free to air  for a week, then it goes behind the paywall.
How to create a mobile version of a blog, any RSS feed, or a substantial website

What this masterclass is about
This masterclass is about building a mobile, multimedia site to complement your static blog or website.
Why do you need a mobile presence?
The explosion in smart phone use means that many more people are now searching for information on mobile devices.
If you don’t have a mobile presence alongside your conventional website, users who discover you on their smart phones find your websites impossible to navigate, and you lose out.
What we’ll cover in this masterclass
This masterclass will give you practical demonstrations of how to create a mobile site from a blog or other RSS feed, and also how to create a full mobile website.
On video I’ll be demonstrating the use of two software packages: Mippin and Zinadoo. Several other packages are demonstrated in text and stills
What we won’t be doing: creating an iphone app.
We won’t be doing that for the simple reason that it’s not yet possible to use free software; software created for people who aren’t web builders with an intimate knowledge of coding – html, javascript and so on – to do so.
No doubt that will become possible, and as soon as it is we’ll have a masterclass on it.
What we will be doing
We are concentrating on what can be done on free, readily available web-based software by people with no coding skills.
And it’s worth stressing that you can create mobile content that gives readers a great experience on the iPhone without building an iPhone app.
The sites you create will still look good on the iPhone, and your readers can link to them from an icon on their phone’s home screen, just as they would with an app
The software packages we’ll be using don’t require any technical knowledge. And while the mobile sites they let you create don’t have the slickness of iphone apps, they do have the advantage of working on any mobile phone with a web browser.
Not all the masterclass is on video. There is a good deal of supporting text, and you’ll need to work through that to get the full picture.

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