Thursday, 1 July 2010

The future of journalism is in our hands: Entrepreneurs' masterclass

Journalists are in the driving seat…if you have the courage to take the wheel.
in Masterclass 12 of Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide, Adam Westbrook argues that it's never been easier to publish, and that this puts journalists in a very strong position.
The future of jouralism is in our hands.
But we need courage to be entrepreneurial and create our own jobs.
"If we don’t have the courage, it will be others who dictate the future of journalism.
"There’s a danger the future of story-telling won't be shaped by journalists."
Take two of the biggest news-gathering and publishing phenomena of today: Twitter and Facebook. "Journalists were no part of the creation of those two phenomena, those hugely powerful journalistic tools."
"Don’t get written out of the story."
You'll find much more about entrepreneurialism, portfolio careers and building your own job in Masterclass 12 of Multimedia journalism: A Practical Guide at

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JoremThorn said...

It is absolutely true that it has never been easier to publish but it seems equally true that it has never been harder to make any money by doing so. This does, as you point out, very clearly direct us to the vital need for innovative journalistic entrepreneurs but it might also require a radical rethinking of the entire discipline itself. Is entrepreneurship and business/profit really the right terms in which to think of so vital a social service as journalism? Sometimes I wonder. There are some great interviews with leading journalists and academics who head up communication and journalism schools concerning the future of the discipline at which I have found very useful on these subjects.