Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The key to successful freelancing: broaden your horizons

David Howell believes many freelance journalists are focused too much on a narrow part of their potential market. You need to broaden your horizons, avoid being blinkered.

In the clip he says: “Writing for newspapers, specialist magazines, websites is actually a tiny percentage of who you could be writing for,” and he reveals where that wider market can be found.
And what about all the publications you could produce? Too few journalists ever consider becoming publishers. David looked at what he had an interest in, a passion for, and the right skills for, and set about creating publications that played to to these strengths.
He says publishing has never been easier, with ink on paper no longer being an essential requirement for many titles.
His experience echoes what Adam Westbrook advocates in the opening overview of Masterclass 12 at
Find David's full Masterclass on Magazine Publishing here:

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